About the UDA

The University Diversity Alliance (UDA) is a network of individuals affiliated with universities and other institutions of higher education (below, universities) who aim, starting from support of LGBT and all sexual minority students, to ensure those institutions become spaces where all students and faculty and administrative staff can express their individual talents.

The UDA’s goals and the actions by which we hope to realise them are as follows.


We aim to realise a future in which all undergraduate and graduate students can access information about and benefit from SOGI/LGBT+ related activities at universities and companies during their career planning and development.


  1. Create a database of SOGI/LGBT+ related activities at universities (student support systems and content etc., not including personal information and experiences).
  2. Promote awareness of SOGI/LGBT+ related activities at universities in the database through information sharing, workshops and consulting.

Initially, UDA will focus on developing the database described above. This will require the support and cooperation of a large number of university affiliated members including in the form of providing information.

In addition, we aim to further strengthen and expand the UDA by engaging with companies, other associations and individuals.